A common question asked by folk at the beginning of their flight training is, “How long will it take And how much will it cost me.”
No two students will progress at the same rate. The knowledge, reflexes and co-ordination required to safely take off, fly and land an Aircraft, are a complex combination of skills which most people will adapt to with the help of good instruction. Some folk are able to adapt fairly quickly to the stage of their first solo flight in between 10 – 15 hours, whilst others may take up to 30 hours, however the slightly slower learner will in no way develop into a lesser skilled novice pilot than the faster.
Flight training will begin with the understanding of how the control of our aircraft in achieved. A few hours will be spent in our local training area becoming accustomed to the maneuvering turns, climbs, descents and the effects of various power settings.
From there we progress to the circuit for the honing of our landing skills, during which first-hand experience in watching for, and communicating with other aircraft will be gained.
When the student has demonstrated an ability to consistently land the aircraft without instructor input, and some required theory exams have been successfully completed, you will be ready for your first solo flight, (an exciting experience which will remain with you for the rest of your life).
Several Theory Exams will need to be passed on our journey toward pilot certificate. These will include Basic Aeronautical Knowledge, Air Legislation (Rules of the air), Human Factors and Flight Radio. During your training, a series of long and short briefings will touch on each of these topics.
Your instructor will recommend the purchase of some textbooks, which cover these topics in more detail. There will be some study necessary which will need to be conducted in your own time, in order to bring your knowledge up to the required level.
A minimum of 20 hours flight time is required before your Pilot Certificate test.
Valley Lite Flite flight Training is provided at the rate of $195 per hour including Aircraft Hire and Instructor.
As a student Pilot, it will be necessary for you to join Ra Aus for the annual membership fee of $210.00, which includes Members Liability Insurance.

Once your Pilot Certificate has been gained, it will then be possible for you to continue your study and training for the purpose of gaining your Passenger endorsement, and Cross Country endorsement, which will enable you to fly in and out of many locations throughout Australia.
So there it is! Your journey will be challenging at times, however nothing compares with the satisfaction you will gain when you are able to utilise your new found skill to command your aircraft safely into the skies.
For more information please contact Ken at fly@valleyliteflite.com or phone 0412512457 anytime.